Gatorz launched in 1989 in San Diego, California with the intent to build rugged eyewear from billet aluminum that mission-driven people could rely on for both protection and clarity. Conventional, plastic-framed eyewear could deform when met with the high wind force of skydiving and motorcycle riding; Gatorz saw an unfulfilled need and developed a solution. Gatorz’ strength and no-slip fit soon made its way from skydiving and motorcycle sports into the US military’s special operations community, with the original Magnum frame as a favorite, dependable eye protection solution for functional ballistic protection.

On duty, Gatorz have been appreciated for their ruggedness and adjustable fit. Gatorz’ use of aluminum allows for a thin, adjustable temple without compromising strength. These unique features make comfort and compatibility with other gear more superior than other eye protection. The facial- wrap design also proved superior in protection against wind, dust, and debris that typically works its way around non-custom-fit eyewear. For more than thirty years, Gatorz has been the professional’s choice when eye protection and visual clarity is mission essential. Synergistically, the same Gatorz eyewear is not only used by those who protect our country, but also entirely designed, machined, and hand-assembled in the United States.

Backed by the longevity of crafting durable eyewear, today Gatorz produces a wide variety of frame shapes and lens types to meet every need, never resting, as our technology advances to meet the needs of serious users. Crafting high-velocity impact-resistant lenses, to pair with the durable billet aluminum frames, is just one of the many ways Gatorz pushes the envelope on performance eyewear, including ANSI 87.1 Z, MILSPEC Ballistic (ideal on the job, at the range and for everyday carry) and Optimized Polarized lens options that don’t obscure digital screens. Gatorz are crafted to fit your lifestyle, and designed to be the best eyewear for any use, whether shooting, working, or exploring the outdoors. You have but one set of eyes to get you through life, don’t you think they deserve the best?